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What To Expect During A Roadside Inspection

In our previous blog – What Not To Do During A Roadside Inspection – I discussed what to do and what not to do if you are pulled over for a roadside inspection. In this blog, I want to discuss what to expect during a roadside inspection.

There are different six levels of roadside inspections. Out of the six levels, you are most likely to encounter only three of them.

Level Three Inspection

A level three inspection is a driver qualification check only. Level three inspections are mainly used to document unsafe driving behavior without any concern for vehicle conditions. This type of inspection will a take a minimum of 20 minutes to complete.

What to expect during a level three inspection:

  • All drivers will be asked for their driver’s license and record of duty status (hours of service) with supporting documentation.
  • Inspectors are on the lookout for drivers operating their vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Inspectors are also looking for signs of the possession and transportation of illegal materials.
Level Two Inspection

A Level two inspection is the most common roadside inspection you will encounter. This type of inspection is used to get unsafe vehicles and unsafe drivers off the road. A level two inspection consists of all the components of a level three inspection with a vehicle walk around. It will take a minimum is 30 minutes to complete.

What to expect during a level two inspection:

  • The inspector may open the door of your vehicle and lean into the cab of your truck during the inspection.
  • The inspector will examine the driver and co-driver (if present). All drivers will need to provide your driver’s license, skill performance evaluation (SPE) certificate (if applicable), driver’s record of duty status (hours of service) and supporting documentation (Bills of Lading/Fuel Receipts).
  • You will be asked to operate your vehicles controls (lights, horn, push the brake pedal, etc.).
  • You will have to show the inspector the vehicles emergency equipment/early warning devices.
  • The inspector may ask you to step outside of your vehicle.
Level One Inspection

A Level One inspection consists of all the components of a level two inspection with a complete inspection of all parts of the vehicle(s). Level One inspections will take a minimum of 45 minutes to complete.

What to expect during the inspection:

  • There may be more than 1 inspector present during the inspection. One Inspector will be going under the vehicle, while the other Inspector will stay with you to assist with the inspection. Make sure to show the inspector the vehicles emergency equipment/early warning devices.
  • You will be asked to open the vehicles hood and disconnect the trailers air lines (if you have a trailer).
  • You will be asked to stand outside your vehicle if there is only one inspector conducting the inspection.
Safety Audit Support

While getting pulled over does occur, it’s important to know what to expect, and how to be prepared for any roadside inspection. If your roadside inspection happens to result in an audit, do not panic!

At Aladdin, we’ve helped thousands of carriers successfully prepare and pass their safety audits. And after the audit is completed, we will continue to support you by assisting you in carrier file management and maintaining Motor Vehicle Records for all your drivers. This proactive approach will ensure that your fleet is always staying compliant with the DOT’s safety standards and regulations.